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Noëlle Pallais 
the Co-Founder

With a heart full of ambition and a soul adorned with experiences garnered from prestigious designers and the illustrious pages of Vogue, Noëlle brings a touch of elegance, an eye for aesthetic perfection, and a boundless spirit to our creative endeavors.

Sabrina Burda
the Co-Founder

Inspired by the essence of tradition and the spirit of innovation, Sabrina infuses our creations with a dedication to quality, an unwavering eye for detail, and a love for timeless elegance inspired by her Bavarian heritage.

Not (not) your grandmother's jacket

Not (not) Your Grandmother's Jacket!

SANOË is the eponymous love child of Sabrina Burda and Noelle Pallais, life-long friends and dynamic duo behind RAC Lifestyle. Inspired by a shared passion for rummaging through their grandmothers' closets in pursuit of vintage treasures, each SANOË jacket is itself a timeless heirloom, designed to be passed down and cherished for generations to come.

Alpine Tradition, City Life

Born of Alpine Tradition,

Bred of City Livin'

As NYC-based creatives with deep roots in their native cultures of Bavaria and Peru, respectively, Sabrina and Noelle have taken the "Trachten Jacken"--a traditional jacket originally worn by alpine peasants to symbolize a connection to the earth and land-- and reimagined it for the modern, urban-dwelling set.

Hopeless Romantic

For the Hopeless Romantic in US All

Made of equal parts versatile wit and ageless charm, the SANOË jacket is just as befitting of the lady who lunches as it is of the downtown rocker with a hippie heart. Each jacket is meant to pair flawlessly with all manner of looks, from floor-length frocks to your favorite baggy jeans.

Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

SANOË jackets are built to stand the rest of time and are produced in small batches by a family- owned factory in Portugal using natural, ethically sourced fabrics from renowned European mills. Through this quality over quantity approach to production, we hope to reduce sheer waste by transcending fast fashion and trend-driven consumption. As an ode to mother earth--and to our mountain-dwelling ancestors before us-- we plant a tree for every one of our special jackets purchased.

Behind the Name

Behind the Name

sa • noë \ sə -’noi \ • noun origin: Hawaiian, from noe, meaning “mist”: the mist that drifts over the mountains

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